Offering a range of coaching and leadership training services,  I support my clients to understand what is blocking their success.  Coaching either individuals or teams to bring about change, and make the leaders more effective. When leaders improve their leadership, such benefits spread throughout their life and their organisations.  


Team High Five

Transform your team and release the untapped potential. 

With the team's goals and objectives at the centre, the plan can be customised and designed to meet the needs of the team and increase performance &  positivity.
In addition to various experiential exercises, I make use of a Team Diagnostic tool,  which will provide a baseline and reveal the team's strengths and challenges across 14 team competencies.

Creating opportunities for you to grow your personal leadership.

Regularly hosting my own events or collaborating with others,  I look to awaken the potential in others.  
During the events, you will engage and share experiences,  get out of your comfort zone and develop as a leader.  

Individual coaching with a focus on personal leadership and growth.

To have a completely transformative experience, this is the most intense and meaningful way to work with me.   
Whether you are stuck, overwhelmed or need a change, you will move past personal limits, step into your full potential, find your purpose, passion and more meaning in your life.

Whether to know yourself better or understand your team...

Assessments are a way to better understand the strengths & weaknesses and different working styles. 
Using the results, a future coaching plan can be created to develop areas that you want to improve.