Connect with the You, Banish Your Fears, Awaken Your Brilliance


I believe being in nature is a powerful transformative tool that will help free you from your fears so that you can live your full potential.


My retreats in the Alps uses nature and the outdoors to create a grounded space for you to connect to yourself more fully than you have before.  During this journey, you will have a unique opportunity for personal growth, change and empowerment.  Every person in this world has a unique inner strength, we will call upon this strength to so you can connect with yourself more fully, giving yourself the freedom to let go of what is not serving you anymore, stepping into happiness and living life.


Come and enjoy this transformative journey with me and my team! For more information and to book your place click on the discover more button.


NEXT RETREAT:  7-12 April 2019 in a luxurious chalet in the French Alps.  Click on "discover more" to see all the details. 


Getting out of the office, away from the everyday stresses, allows the team to better connect while having fun.  Research shows that people are their true selves when they are relieved of pressure.  A corporate retreat helps remove this pressure and provides an opportunity to open up, increasing trust, collaboration and relationships within the team.


Programs can be bespoke to address the needs of your teams and previous events have focused on improving team performance,  building trust, team building, and leadership skills.


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