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"I believe each one of us has a responsibility to take our most authentic self out to the world and leave a footprint that will provide a better environment for those following.  By embracing our own strengths and standing in our own power we can make the difference some people only dream of".

My Story

I am an experienced  Leadership Transformation Coach,  workshop facilitator and team coach who supports individuals and teams to flourish.   I am an ICF-accredited Coach, a Co-active Certified Professional Coach, trained in Organisation Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and Team Coaching.   

I have lived and worked in three countries; UK, South Africa and Switzerland. I was involved in large business transformation projects, including mergers, acquisitions, closures, the roll-out of company-wide new tools, new processes and cultural changes.   I have successfully led and coached leaders and their teams in challenging times through projects, training, professional and personal development.  With 25+ years of professional experience as a qualified Accountant,  Snr Finance and Project Manager, I am well acquainted with corporate life pressures and challenges.  

With my professional accreditations and my rich experience working in a corporate environment, my coaching and facilitation are enhanced, allowing me to serve my clients better. 

Coaching allows people and communities to thrive and I support coaching communities to bring coaching to a broader audience.  As such, I served on the International Coaching Federation board in Switzerland and continue to provide support for the local Swiss coaching community.

I am a passionate advocate of finding the leader in everyone; I believe leadership doesn't come with a title but is discovering our strengths and their impact on the world and those around us.  I take my clients into an exploration of new insights and behaviours to enhance their impact on their leadership, their team and the world around them.  I love the ripple effect of an individual discovering and tapping into their inner leader and team, trusting and collaborating with openness.  It is unbelievably exciting to watch the growth and impact on an organisation.  

I approach my clients with a beautiful blend of compassion and direct feedback to enable sustainable change.   I am passionate about creating transformative change through increased awareness of the power of vulnerability, authenticity, and heartfelt leadership.  

I am Scottish, live in Switzerland with my daughter and love nature, mountains and Ultrarunning.  The latter saw me win one of Britain's most brutal races – The Spine – a 268-mile trail up the back of Britain, run during the middle of winter.  My running and nature experiences have taught me discipline, a positive mindset, resilience, patience, consistency, self-awareness and purpose, all of which I bring to my coaching and programs. 

Debbie's Credentials

I continually invest in my own personal and coaching development so I support my clients to their highest potential.

International Coaching Federation

Associate Certified Coach 


Co-active Professional Certified Coach 

Organisation Relationship & System Coach 

Professional Certified Coach 

Team Coaching International 

Team Performance Coach 

Certified Mentor Coach

Positive Intelligence Trained

Everything Disc

Authorised Partner and Facilitator

Five Behaviors

Authorised Partner and Facilitator

Dare to Lead Trained

Brené Brown

British Summer Mountain Leader