As a team coach, I will help you to see below the surface to the underlying dynamics so they can become more aware of what is going on and start addressing these issues to increase performance and productivity.


I am ORSC trained and specialise in building Trust within teams.   I look to address some of the common ailments that plague  relationships, teams  and work environments: 
-   Ineffective / toxic communication 
-   Low team morale/burnout
-   Conflict avoidance and non-resolution
-   Lack of creativity and productivity 
-   Confusion about roles

Following coaching, the team will improve their performance and become more transparent and open, sharing their ideas and opinions.  They will feel they can be authentic, which can add further diversity and depth in the team.  Conflict, instead of being avoided, is welcomed in service of results and progress for the team.   The team will challenge each other and the atmosphere will become more positive where there are more fun and enjoyment.  There are more accountable and will achieve the goals and more.  


It takes time to achieve real change,  therefore it is recommended to engage at a minimum over 3 months.  Contact me to create your customised experience; an example of what this could look like the below:


Build rapport, safety & trust

Kick off workshop

Fully day assessment review or planned training 

Leading to an action plan


Typically 3-6  months, face to face and /or virtually

1 coaching session a month and sometimes training 

Action learning coaching 


Harvest the learning, celebrating and looking at where we want to go next

What our clients are saying

International Board

I, like many others in our team, was sceptical of an experiential teambuilding activity, especially with a team of senior people. I was also uncomfortable with not knowing exactly what the activities would entail. But I put my trust in Debbie, and she delivered. She was confident yet respectful and patient, and pushed our group, to be honest with ourselves. Her activities allowed us to release major tensions that had been building up in our organization for some time, and forge a way forward.

Global Process Management Team

The team, being based in 3 different locations, had problems collaborating, lacked direction, trust and motivation. Debbie developed and delivered a 3-day workshop that allowed us to come together and understand each other in a way that we had not experienced before. The workshop while fun, had each of us reflect, dig deep, be vulnerable and build relationships with each other, through trust and respect. We understand our values, have a clear direction and are positive about how we will work together in the future. This has been a game-changer experience for this team.