Individual Coaching

With a unique approach to coaching, I create a safe space where my client feels comfortable to explore their life challenges without judgement. Always providing a fresh perspective and positive view to challenging situations, you, as my client, will be moved past personal limits and grow into your full potential.

Living what I coach is at the core of my work and by constantly exploring my own limits, this allows me to coach you, my client, to do the same. Passionate about my coaching work, I like to have fun with my clients and get to the core of the problem supporting you to find a solution in a creative way. I enable shifts to happen by opening the mind through different perspectives and experiential exercises.​​

My clients describe me as authentic, empathetic, a good listener and a trustworthy companion in their coaching journey.  Through our work together, they feel increased confidence and are inspired and motivated to achieve their goals and dreams.  Allow me to accompany you through whatever challenges you face and show you there is a richer, more open way of embracing this wonderful life of yours.


Contact me to understand what packages I have available and how we can work together.  An example of what it might look like. 


I recommend we work together for 6 months.  This is how long it takes to create real transformation and embrace your fears.   At the end of 6 months, you will be living life instead of fearing life

We will talk for 1 hour every 2 weeks.  These are completely tailored to you.  I will guide you in a way that allows you to embrace your fear so you can 

We'll move you towards living your life with empowerment and freedom 

When we end our calls you will walk away with 2-3 actions to keep you moving forward.   

As a private client , I am here to support you via phone, text and email.  I'm there for you through it all and encourage you to use me for support when you need it most.

 Examples of challenges where I support my clients:

  • Boost their self-confidence to take on any challenge.

  • Increase their feelings of self-worth.

  • Communicate well with others.

  • Identify their talents and abilities.

  • Identify their life purpose and direction.

  • Build on their strengths to achieve everything they want.

  • Determine their short and long terms goals.

  • Design an action plan for reaching their goals.

  • Reward and motivate themselves.

  • Build a personal support system.

  • Overcome negative mindsets & adopt the attitude of success.  

Do you want you to stop being held back by your fears?  You deserve to live your life to your full potential and show up as the great person you are.

Take the first step and request your complementary chemistry coaching session with me.  

What my Clients are saying

Cindy Rosset

Debbie is a great coach for sorting out thoughts, clarifying the unclear. She is creative and spontaneous. It was a great journey working with Debbie, full of compassion, understanding and insightful questions. She has supported me to view things differently with perspectives.

Finance Manager, Turkey

I did not trust myself and always let my fears hold me back. I wanted to move jobs but lacked the courage to do this. Through coaching I have now found my inner power, I started to think outside of the box, gained more focus and embraced my fears. I have improved my communication style and took courageous steps that allowed me to take on a new position in a different country.

Laurie McCall,
Finance Manager



Coaching  helped me to get clarity, focus and deeper understanding of my own values and which of these are or not being met in my job.  It helped me prioritise what I could change and what I could not, which brought peace and wiser investment of time and energies so they were focused more appropriately on what could be changed and accept what could not.  Coaching has been invaluable, my only wish now, is that I tried Coaching years ago, it has been life changing.   I am still using what I learned through coaching years after so it's very effective.