About Me

I’m Debbie Brupbacher – a Leadership and Transformational Coach who supports individuals and teams to develop their leadership whilst establishing a culture to foster team cohesion, resilience and optimal productivity. 


I approach my clients with a beautiful blend of compassion and direct feedback to enable true, lasting change. I know that no amount of success matters if it doesn’t align to your greater purpose and values. That’s why my method of helping clients achieve self-awareness first, before tackling the larger goals at hand, is so effective.


Discipline is required to achieve any lasting change, and as an accomplished Ultra-runner, I know discipline. I previously won one of Britain's most brutal races – The Spine – a 268-mile trail up the back of Britain, run during the middle of winter. I teach my clients how to develop the mental strength, positive mindset, and pure grit required to accomplish such an astonishing feat. When clients work with me, I help them focus on developing their mindset to achieve truly any desired outcome. 


Teams and individuals need support reaching goals specifically when faced with challenging times of transition. Whether a transition in work, life responsibilities, or partnerships – I’ve managed them all. 

Debbie Brupbacher

Debbie Brupbacher

After rebuilding my life post-divorce and creating a new community for myself in a foreign country, I concretely understand the unique challenges of transition periods and am able to help my clients face their own transitions with self-awareness, clarity, and passion. I also have 20+ years of professional experience as a qualified Accountant and previously worked as a Finance and Project Manager, so I’m well acquainted with the pressures and challenges of corporate life. 


My rich experience, both in life and in work, is enhanced by my professional accreditations. I’m an ICF-accredited Coach as well as a Co-active Certified Professional Coach, and I currently serve on the board for the International Coaching Federation in Switzerland. 


My heart-centered approach to coaching means clients are met with compassion and acceptance alongside the accountability and challenge required to make significant change and achieve big goals.


When working with teams, I support each team member to identify their own personality and overcome challenging group dynamics by breaking down existing barriers and motivating the group to work cohesively toward a shared goal. 


With individuals, my approach is to help each client understand who they are, identify their true purpose, and give them the courage to live an aligned, fulfilling life.

I have experienced the healing, nurturing power of nature, and I’m committed to bringing nature to others to further their development and support their success. 


Ultimately, helping my clients identify the life they want to live and then creating a path to create that life is my greatest gift. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to effect change and create abundance in my clients’ lives. 

Debbie Brupbacher

Do you have Professional Training or Certifications?

I am so glad you asked!​

I continually invest in my own personal and coaching development so I can coach you to your highest potential.  The training I have completed 

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) 

  • Associate Certified Coach - International Coach Federation (ICF) 

  • Certified Mentor Coach (CMC)

  • Co-active Leadership program 

  • Co-active Leadership Experience

  • Qualified British Summer Mountain Leader

  • Dare to Lead: Brené Brown (Trained)

  • Authorised Partner: Everything DisC, Five Behaviours

  • Organisation and Relationship System Coach (ORSC Trained)

  • Team Coaching International (Trained)

  • Points of You

  • Foundations of Embodiment 

  • Positive Intelligence 

  • Mastering Authentic Networking

  • CIMA Qualified

  • PMI Project Manager 


I believe in coaching and over the years have had private coaching from some of the best coaches in the industry Mary Beth Shewan, Karen Heras Kelly and Lauren Robinson.   

I invest thousands of dollars to make sure that my skills stay sharp so I can serve you fully. You're in good hands here, and I'm FOR you and your goals.